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Learn to Use the Sword of the Samurai in our 8-Week Beginners Course. Stay Tuned for the Next Course Opening!

The Art of the Samurai Sword
The Way of Preparation & Immediate Reaction

The Japanese Sword is the most refined, beautiful and efficent sword ever made. If someone is holding that sword in their hand they either have no idea what they are doing...or they know EXACTLY what they are doing. It's no co-incidence that the most popular warriors in fiction from the newly released Netflix hit, "The Blue-Eyed Samurai", to Highlander, from Rouroni Kenshin to the Jedi (the recent Ahsoka series even referred to Bokken Jedi! - Bokken are the wooden training swords we use - just as Sabine did), from John Wick to Machione in The Walking Dead, and Jin Sakai of the mega hit computer game, "Ghosts of Tsuhima" are experts of the Samurai Sword. With films like the Last Samurai, the hit Age of the Samurai Netflix Series and the Shogun Series (9-mIllion people saw Iaido in the opening episode!), it's easy to understand our fascination with the historical samurai and the weapon that defined them.

Up until quite recently the secrets of using the samurai sword were locked away in small provinces in Japan. Certain classical styles of using the samurai sword kept a closely guarded secret in domains such as Tosa until as recently as the early 1900's. And finding genuine instruction (or there were plenty of people making up awfully silly ninja stuff!) in Japanese Swordsmanship in Ireland...well you could forget that, until now.

Iaido - The Way of the Samurai Sword

Iaido is the art of Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship. How to draw, cut and sheathe the Japanese Samurai Sword in a fluid combination. It is a highly detailed, specialized art that also involves the study of military strategic thought and samurai philosophy. In virtually all schools of Iai, the kata/waza are composed of four essential elements. These are:

  • Nukitsuke – The initial draw and simultaneous cut.
  • Kiritsuke – The decisive finishing cut.
  • Chiburui – A symbolic shaking of blood from the blade.
  • Noto – Sheathing the sword.

Practically all kata have these fundamental parts in some combination or other, but may also include blocks, deflections, thrusts, and multiple cuts, depending on the scenario. Iai kata are usually performed solitary against imaginary opponents, called kassoteki, or teki. (There are also partner kata at more advanced levels).

All of the instructors in our Beginners Course have achieved at least the ranking of 4th Dan in Iaido, have multiple years of Iaido coaching experience, and have represented Ireland in multiple international competitions abroad.

In our 8-Week Iaido Beginners Course you'll learn:

How to Draw and Cut in a single fluid motion
How to deliver a decisive finishing cut
How to strike, thrust, cut, block, deflect and parry correctly
How to defend against multiple opponents
How to quickly and efficiently move to face an attacker
How to fight at close, medium and long-range distances with a sword
Authentic Traditional Samurai Etiquette and Rituals
Genuine Samurai Strategy and Tactics that you can apply to your life
Samurai Breathing and Meditation Techniques
Japanese Martial History
Samurai Emotional Competency. You'll be taught the same mental and emotional skills they used to deal with stress, anxiety, grief, and more while developing a unique type of physical strength and fitness.
And all while looking badass.

All to prepare you for your first grading!

Join Now and Get These Exclusive Bonuses!

When you sign up to our 8-Week Beginners Course Now you'll also get:

DKK Iaido Training Manual

A complete 60+ page training manual covering the full 8-week syllabus, history, terminology techniques and more.

Access to the Digital Dojo

You'll get access to the Digital Dojo, a collection of instructional videos and key points designed for our students.

The Sensei's Sword

A 240 page master textbook on analysing and deciding on your first sword, written by one of our chief instructors, Batman O'Brien. This retails on his site for €29.00, and you'll get it for free.

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The 8-Week IAIDO Beginners, Starts Monday 15th April 2024

Classes take place each Monday:

19:00 - 20:20 **

St. John Bosco Youth Centre,

Davitt Road,


Dublin 12

** Due to building restrictions, classes are unfortunately cancelled on bank holiday weekends.

If attending the 8-Week Beginners course you will also have the option of attending a repeat class (if you miss or cannot make the primary Monday class) on Saturday's 10:15-11:30 in The Ballybough Community Youth & Sports Centre, 49 Ballybough Road, Ballybough, Dublin 3.

Preparation and Equipment

The Beginners Course requires no prior preparation, but we encourage you to read our Iaido beginners manual in advance of your first class, well send that on to you in PDF upon registration. Please be aware that while this course is directed at beginners, Iaido is still physical activity, and therefore you should inform yourself of the risks involved (particularly if you have any existing medical conditions).

Dublin Kendo Kobukai will provide you with all the equipment needed for the Beginners Course, and we recommend that you attend practice in comfortable sports clothing. There are changing facilities at all of our training locations.

Registration & Fees

There are limited spaces in our Beginners Course, and registrations will close on the 14th of April 2024 at 10.30pm. You can sign-up for the course by submitting the form below and paying the registration fee upfront:

Ordinary price: €80
Discounted price (students or unwaged): €60

Payment instructions are provided in the registration form. You will receive confirmation of your registration prior to the start of the course, in addition to a complete outline of the course.

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