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The Way of the Samurai Stick Fighting
"A National Treasure Martial Art"

Stick Fighting may be a long Irish Tradition, but no one perfected the art of using a stick or staff in combat like the Samurai of Japan. While an incredibly simple weapon stick/staff fighting have long been associated with the most fearsome warriors, and have been used in popular movies and TV-Shows from Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Man in the High Castle, Daredevil, Cobra-Kai, to Neo in the Matrix, Darth Maul in Star Wars, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and even Kaiju movies like Pacific Rim and Marvel Superhero blockbusters like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings!

And it's not just TV shows and movies that think the simple stick is a phenomenal weapon. In fact, this weapon, ideal for both men and women, is so practical it is still used today by the Japanese police force!

And in our 8-Week Beginners Course we want to share this awesome martial art with you and teach you the way of the stick!

We're going to teach you the same techniques, the same moves, the same samurai strategies taught to the Japanese Police, and developed from a 400-year-old authentic Samurai Stick Fighting method.

Jodo is the art of using the jo, a 4-foot stick, to fight and defeat an opponent armed with a (wooden) sword. Jodo is one of, if not the, most practical samurai martial arts ever developed. The stick is a simple weapon. Every household has a broomstick. And yet, the stick has numerous advantages of other traditional weapons. 

The Jo can thrust like a spear, sweep like a halberd, strike and "cut" like a sword. And do so equally from the left and right, as both ends of the jo can be used, unlike the sword, where the design of the weapon only allows cutting from the blade. As both ends of the jo can be used without impediment, the jo can be used in continuous and flowing fashion, preventing counter attack and doubling it’s offensive capacity.

Our teacher, Kayoko Ueda Sensei performing Jodo demonstrations in the Butokuden

Jodo - The Way of the Samurai Stick

Jodo combines both solo and partner based training elements. The solo practice is called "Tandoku dosa" and is made up of 12 techniques designed to teach you the fundamentals of the weapon. With these techniques you'll learn how a variety of striking methods, thrusting methods, quick changes, blocks, parry's, trapping  techniques and more.

Once you're comfortable with these movements you'll learn how to apply them with a partner providing a series of attacks for you to counter in the "Sotai dosa".

Then, we have a series of 12 simple to incredibly complex paired forms called "kata" where you will learn not just how to use a sword, but how to defeat a swordsman intent on cutting you down. It is thrilling, exhilarating and incredible fun. The mastery of these 12 kata are the study of a lifetime in and of itself.

Once you have gained proficiency in these 12 kata, you can then start to study the "koryu", the old school style of Shintō Musō-ryū methods comprising of over 60 detailed kata of stick vs sword (and short sword, and sometimes two swords).  Within the Shintō Musō-ryū school we also have several Fuzoku Ryūha (Assimilated Schools). Each of the fuzoku ryūha retain a separate identity with their own history and tradition though they are generally not taught to people outside the Shintō Musō-ryū. They include:

  • Isshin-ryū kusarigamajutsu (一心流 鎖鎌術): This is a school of using a chain and sickle weapon. It is composed of 12 Kata.
  • Ikkaku-ryū juttejutsu (一角流十手術): Is is a school of 12 Kata using a pronged truncheon called a jutte against an attacker armed with a sword (katana).
  • [Kasumi] Shintō-ryū Kenjutsu (霞神道流剣術); is a school 8 long-sword and 4 short-sword kata, (including one Nito [two-sword] kata).
  • Uchida-ryū Tanjōjutsu (内田流短杖術); was developed by Uchida Ryogoro, menkyo Shintō Musō-ryū, as a way to incorporate the teachings of jodō with a western-style walking stick into a weapon of self-defence. It contains 12 simple and easy to learn kata, and is one of the most practical martial arts to study today.
  • Ittatsu-ryū hojōjutsu (一達流 捕縄術); is a school of 24 forms of rope-tying.

In our 8-Week Jodo Beginners Course you'll learn:

How to strike, thrust and "cut" with the stick
How to block, parry, disarm and pin an opponent with the stick
How to quickly change your fighting stance for the optimal outcome.
How to perform the major sword postures
How to quickly and efficiently cut with the sword
How to fight at close, medium and long-range distances with a stick
Authentic Traditional Samurai Etiquette and Rituals
Genuine Samurai Strategy and Tactics that you can apply to your life
Samurai Breathing and Meditation Techniques
Japanese Martial History
Samurai Emotional Competency. You'll be taught the same mental and emotional skills they used to deal with stress, anxiety, grief, and more while developing a unique type of physical strength and fitness.
And all while looking badass.

All to prepare you for your first grading!

Join Now and Get These Exclusive Bonuses!

When you sign up to our 8-Week Beginners Course Now you'll also get:

DKK Jodo Training Manual

A complete 60+ page training manual covering the full 8-week syllabus, history, terminology techniques and more.

Access to the Digital Dojo

You'll get access to the Digital Dojo, a collection of instructional videos and key points designed for our students.

The Sensei's Sword

A 240 page master textbook on analysing and deciding on your first sword, written by one of our chief instructors. This retails for €29.00, and you'll get it for free.

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The 8-Week JODO Beginners, Starts Thursday 18th April 2024

Classes take place each Thursday:

19:30 -21:30

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church,

Mount Merrion Avenue,


Co. Dublin

Your Instructors

Up until quite recently you could not learn Jodo in Ireland. We didn't have any qualified teachers in the art. Thankfully 2 Irishmen Kennedy (4th Dan Black Belt) and O'Brien (4th Dan Black Belt) traveled overseas to study with some of the best instructors in the world and brought Jodo to Ireland. Kennedy holds the distinction of winning Bronze medals at the BKA Jodo National Championships 2017 in the Shodan category and 3-person Team Category and of representing Ireland in the highest level of International Competition, the European Jodo Championships (EJC) multiple times and training two-time EJC Fighting Spirit medalist Gavin O'Reilly. 

O'Brien is a two-time Bronze Medalist in UK Iaido Taikai, has represented Ireland at the European Iaido Championships, received the Fighting Spirit Award at the Masamune Taikai in 2015 and was awarded the Fighting Spirit medal at the 2023 European Jodo Championships

Preparation and Equipment

The Beginners Course requires no prior preparation, but we encourage you to read our Jodo beginners manual in advance of your first class, well send that on to you in PDF upon registration. Please be aware that while this course is directed at beginners, Jodo is still physical activity, and therefore you should inform yourself of the risks involved (particularly if you have any existing medical conditions).

Dublin Kendo Kobukai will provide you with all the equipment needed for the Beginners Course, and we recommend that you attend practice in comfortable sports clothing. There are changing facilities at all of our training locations.

Registration & Fees

There are limited spaces in our Beginners Course, and registrations will close on the 12th of April 2024, or when all places have been filled. Our previous courses have sold out fast and left people disappointed that they did not secure a spot in time, so please note, there is limited availability for the course. You can sign-up for the course by submitting the form below and paying the registration fee upfront:

Ordinary price: €80
Discounted price (students or unwaged): €60

Payment instructions are provided in the registration form. You will receive confirmation of your registration prior to the start of the course, in addition to a complete outline of the course.

Registration is closed.

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