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Come learn the Way of the Japanese Sword in  Dublin Kendo, the home of Authentic Japanese Weapon Arts. Here, under the guidance of our qualified instructors you can study a variety of Japanese Martial arts, including Kendo, Iaido & Jodo. Suitable for young and old, complete beginners and experienced athletes, try a free session today!

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Kendo 剣道
The Way of the Sword

Kendo means "Way of the Sword". It is the dynamic and exciting traditional Japanese martial art of armoured sword-fighting which was developed as a safe way for Samurai to practice their swordsmanship.

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Iaido 居合道
The Way of Preparation

Iaido is the art of drawing and cutting with the katana . It focuses on developing psychological and physical awareness and trains you to quickly draw the sword and responding to a sudden attack.

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Jodo 杖道
The Way of the Stick

Jodo is the "Way of the Stick" and teaches you a comprehensive method of using a 4-foot staff to defend against a sword. Used by the samurai to the Japanese Police

A truly thrilling martial art..

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Get Fit

The Martial Arts are a wonderful way to improve your fitness at any level. From beginners to advanced athletes and martial arts these arts are a great way to improve your strength, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.

Learn Samurai Life Skills

The attributes developed through studying these martial arts are known to carry over into every aspect of life, from learning mental endurance, to better coping with stress, improving focus and concentration and then there are all the physical benefits too!

Compete and Advance

Dublin Kendo regularly competes in local and international Martial Arts Competitions. Among our instructors and coaches we have team national squad members for Kendo, Iaido, Jodo and international medalist's in all our arts. We also hold regular exams so you can advance and track your progress!

Develop Great Friendships 

The dojo is like a big second family. Warm and welcoming, you'll get to make life-long friendships, see new places and try new things. We have regular social outings, lunches, dinners and drinks, meetups and movie nights!

Check out some of the Dojo Videos!

The following are some recent clips from our seminars and public demonstrations. 

Irish Kendo: 20 Years in the Making

Taking a behind the scenes look at the recent Kendo Seminar, part of the 20 year anniversary celebrations. You'll see some great Kendo, great instruction, and even greater friendships. 

Polish Team Visit and International Women's Day

Dublin Kendo were delighted to welcome old friends and new with a visit from the National Polish Kendo Team! The joined us for a wonderful training session celebrating International Women's Day!

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