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Your child can come and learn the Way of the Japanese Sword in  Dublin Kendo, the home of Authentic Japanese Weapon Arts. Here, under the guidance of our qualified, Garda Vetted and Child Safety Certified instructors they can study the "Way of the Sword" and develop important life skills such as discipline, respect, and team work all while getting fitter and stronger, and mostly importantly...having fun!

Irish National Kendo Squad members demonstrating Kendo on Saturday AM  on TV3 ahead of a demo at the holiday world show at the request of the Japanese Embassy.  It was a little last minute, but we think they did great.

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What is Kids Kendo? 

Kendo means "Way of the Sword". It is a traditional Japanese martial art of sword-fighting which was developed as a safe way for Samurai to practice their swordsmanship.

Today's children's Kendo is very popular around the world, and in fact, modern kendo was developed with the input of the Japanese education system with the goal of helping children to learn and practice perseverance, focus, etiquette, and respect. It's popularity, safety record and effectiveness saw it soon becoming Japan's National Sport.

Safe for Kids

Kendo is one of the safest martial arts there is, with a remarkably low injury rate, even compared to other sports such as football or GAA.  We do not allow sparring until the child has developed the required proficiency in executing the basic moves of the art safely.

When they do get to spar it is with specially constructed bamboo swords called shinai, which are purposely built to dissipate force , and armor, called bogu which protects against the hits of a shinai. 

What will my Child Learn?

The most important teaching of Kendo is to foster a strong spirit. To do this, we teach our students: 

1. Etiquette and manners: how to bow, when to bow, greeting your teachers, how to respond to their teachers politely and appropriately, respect for themselves and their classmates, etc. 

2. Basic terminology: Counting, kendo vocabulary, commands, in Japanese.

3. How to use a Shinai: How to hold the practice sword (shinai), adopt basic stances (kamae), and how to cut (kiri) the three basic targets.

4. Footwork Drills: How to move forward and back, how to slide step, and the stomping (fumikomi) step.

5. Basic attacks and responses: This combines cutting and footwork to complete a full attack and defense routine.

6. Cooperation and Teamwork: Partner practice of receiving strikes with a partner: Hitting a partner and receiving for a partner with their shinai.

Through this your child will learn patience, perseverance, respect, goal orientated motivation, cooperation, and more all while engaged in a fun fitness activity.

How Can You Start Your Child in Kendo? 

It's really easy. Just come along to one of our training sessions. Their first session is free so they can get a feel for what we do and if our dojo would be a good fit for them.  Don't worry about equipment, they just need loose comfortable clothes, like a tracksuit or martial arts uniform and we will provide the rest. 

Our Kids Kendo Sessions take place on Saturdays, 12:15 - 13:30 in the Ballybough Community Youth & Sports Centre, 49 Ballybough Road, Ballybough, Dublin 3.

You can sign up for a free beginners session here!

If you want to talk to one of our instructors just click here to send us an email.

If you'd like to read our Child Protection Policy you can download the PDF here.


If they like it (and we think they will), they can join the club as a full member. 

  • Children (6 to 16-years old): €20

Both the club and federation are non-profit organizations and all fees go towards hall rental and other expenses related to running the club, such as insurance, governing body fees, and events. Of course, please let us know confidentially if you have any problems, we want your kids to train and this is more important than money. 

Training Times and Locations



12:15 - 13:30 **

The Ballybough Community Youth & Sports Centre,

49 Ballybough Road,


Dublin 3

** Due to building restrictions, Saturday classes are unfortunately cancelled on bank holiday weekends.

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